Thank You For Your Love

The materials of the performance consist of pop-songs with lyrics dealing with missing, bodies containing memories of love and audience which is positioned as lovers. The piece is researching the performer-audience relation through the gaze of the one in love as well as through surrendering oneself to be seen. The movement of this dance performance happens by exchanging the gaze, proposing and seducing. The performance aims to be conscious of the long history of love duets in the field of dance. It uses the preconseptions of female-male couple on stage

If another person by chance or accident gives me a number where they can be reached at this or that time, I immediately begin to panic; do I have to call or shouldn't I? Should I attempt to create the perfect text message or instead concentrate on creating the performance?

If the one in love creates or puts together even a small thing, he or she is overcome with an instinctive frenzy to dedicate it. He or she wants to give whatever they put together immediately, even beforehand, to their beloved, the one they have been working for. A gift to the beloved is ceremonial; I transfer myself into it entirely. A gift to the beloved is searched for and chosen amidst great excitement – my excitement is so grandiose that it feels like it belongs in the category of pleasure.

Talking about love always involves a person that is addressed, even if this person has changed into a ghost or a being of the future. Who would, after all, feel like talking about love other than for someone. This performance is a gift to you.

The absence of the loved one has created countless lieds, folk songs, chansons. Love has been portrayed in numerous duets. Our performance is a part of the endless continuum of love duets.

Roland Barthes' book "A Lover's Discourse: Fragments" has been used as a source material for the text.


Choreography and dance: Anna Mustonen and Masi Tiitta
Lighting design: Anna Pöllänen, Anna Mustonen and Masi Tiitta
Photos: Heidi Lind, Uupi Tirronen
Production: Anna Mustonen and Masi Tiitta, Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Ehkä
Residency: Studio Burdag
Duration: 35 min.
Premiere: 6 May 2011 Kutomo Turku
Past performances: 18 August 2012 Stage-festival Helsinki
  18 - 26 February 2012 Zodiak - Center for New Dance Helsinki
  26 November 2011 Xs Vol.3 -Festival Kutomo Turku
  7 - 8 May 2011 Kutomo Turku