PREMIERE 20.8.2014

Herrala - Muilu - Mustonen - Tiitta:

Nature Dances

Nature Dances is a stage collaboration between choreographers Satu Herrala, Eeva Muilu, Anna Mustonen and Masi Tiitta. It explores the nature of dance, nature in dance, and the nature of four artists meeting to make a dance together. Throughout the history of dance, the relationship of the dancer's body and its movements to nature and what is considered natural has been in a state of change. With Nature Dances the choreographer-dancers want to participate in this continuum and dance the nature of 2014.

Choreography and dance: Satu Herrala, Eeva Muilu, Anna Mustonen and Masi Tiitta

Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen and Jani-Matti Salo

Costume design: Laura Haapakangas and the group

Production: Zodiak - Uuden tanssin keskus, Helsinki Festival, Wilderness dance

Photos from the performances: Timo Wright

Video teaser: Anna Paavilainen

Premiere 20.8.2014 19:00 at Pannuhalli, Cable Factory.

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